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Use of False Identification

The suspect ‘JKL’ opened an account at the branch of Bank ‘X’. At the time of account opening the information provided by the suspect stated that he was working as an Associate and dealing in property business. The account was opened for saving purpose.

Two officials of the government department lodged a complaint with bank ‘X’ against the suspect ‘JKL’ and stated that their two cheques were stolen and issued with forged signatures amounting to PKR3,000,000 and Rs.2,500,000. The proceeds of both the cheques were credited in the account of JKL through clearing. Some of the funds were immediately withdrawn in cash while the remaining funds were returned to the issuing bank after receipt of complaint.

From the trail of transactions, it was observed that the account was primarily used to conduct transactions related to the stolen cheques and that no other significant transactions took place in the account. Furthermore, it was noted that the suspect had used signatures, different from his CNIC, to operate the bank account. Both signatures were very different and, therefore, suggested a possibility of a benami account. The case was, therefore, referred to LEA for necessary action.

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