The cooperation between financial intelligence united (FIU) is vital in the global fight against money laundering and terrorism financing. FIUs share financial transaction information and intelligence with a number of counterpart FIUs as this information exchange benefits not only the operation work of the FIUs, but also the Law Enforcement Agencies in tracking the international movements of the proceeds of crime. With reference to need for enhancement of international coordination, FMU is actively engaged with various countries so that MOUs may be put in place to ensure seamless exchange of financial intelligence. This is expected to support our LEAs in carrying out effective investigations. In this regards, FMU has signed MOUs with the following countries, concerning cooperation in the exchange of financial intelligence related to money laundering, associated predicate offence and terrorism financing:

S.# Name of Country
1 Iran
2 Sri Lanka
3 Turkmenistan
4 Turkey
5 Kazakhstan
6 UK
7 Qatar
8 Malawi
9 China
10 Lebanon
11 Secychelles
12 United Arab Emirites (UAE)
13 Australia

For International Cooperation: