Wire transfers / Use of foreign bank accounts

STR was reported against an individual Ms. Z based on an inconsistent activity in her accounts and an adverse media news against her for her alleged involvement in anti-estate activities.

Ms. Z was maintaining two PKR accounts in ABC Bank. One was in the name of NGO where she was the Chairperson and also one of the signatories to that account while the second account was in her personal name. Two inward foreign remittances were received in the NGO account from a foreign country as donations.

The funds from NGO account were transferred to Ms. Z’s personal account and to the accounts of her parents. Since the signatories of the NGO account were Ms. Z and her younger sister, these transfers created suspicion about the possible misuse of NGO’s funds for personal gains.

Considering the elements of anti-state activities and possible misuse of donations, the financial intelligence was shared with relevant LEA.

LEA started investigation based on FMU’s intelligence and registered a case against Ms. Z and her family members. The case is in progress.