Terrorism Financing

A vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) exploded in 2021, in a large city in Pakistan, resulting in several casualties. Initial investigation revealed that Person A was the key suspect and the owner of the vehicle used in the attack. CTD registered a case against Person A along with his facilitators, including Persons B, C and D. CTD also asked the FMU to provide details of STRs/CTRs and Banks accounts/financial transactions of the suspects.

The FMU conducted a search of its internal database and also circulated the Computerized National Identification Numbers (CNICs) amongst its reporting entities. The details received from the reporting entities identified individuals linked to the suspects including the wife and son of Person A, the account introducer of Person A, the financers of Persons A and D, and the brother of Person C (and a proscribed person).

The FMU disseminated its financial intelligence to the CTD and at a later stage, it shared a detailed analysis that found that Person A, a resident of the biggest city of Pakistan visited another large city of Pakistan where he reactivated a dormant account, conducted a cash withdrawal transaction and then closed the account. The withdrawn funds were then allegedly used to purchase the vehicle which was used in the terror attack. Person C provided logistics to Person A and is a brother of a proscribed person. Person C was later identified as key suspect in the attack. The detailed analysis found that the financier of Person A had also conducted transactions with Person D apparently for terror financing. Further investigation by CTD, identified that Person A’s financier was the mastermind behind the terror attack. Frequent travel abroad by the suspects was also observed. The FMU identified that Person A had received some remittances from a foreign jurisdiction. Therefore, the FMU sought international co-operation from the relevant foreign FIU in respect of the remittances received. The foreign FIU provided the requested information to the FMU which was passed on to CTD.

The mastermind/financer, executor and facilitators (and Person A) were arrested and convicted under the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997 and other relevant laws. However, two individuals were convicted of terror financing and received punishment of five- and seven-years rigorous imprisonment along with a fine of PKR 50,000- and PKR 100,000 respectively (approx. USD174-348). Furthermore, orders for confiscations/forfeiture in the sum of PKR3,144,000 (approx. USD10,956) were made although the value of assets seized/frozen initially was PKR4,025,000.

Funds Flow Analysis