FMU, FBR to Enhance Coordination to Combat Unlawful Finance- A Joint Workshop 27-28 Jan 2024

A joint workshop held at the (Federal Board of Revenue) FBR headquarters on 27-28 January 2024, where (Financial Monitoring Unit) FMU and FBR came together with the cooperation of FCDO’s UPSCALE Program on effective financial intelligence for combating tax evasion. The workshop was attended by investigating officers of the Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation-Inland Revenue (DG, I&I-IR) and the analysts of FMU.

Director General of FMU, Lubna Farooq Malik expressed gratitude to FBR and FCDO, stressing the need for sustained coordination between both institutions for enhancing the knowledge base and promoting mutual understanding for combating of tax fraud and tax evasion. The Director General of FMU said this while addressing the concluding ceremony of workshop, she also added that this collaborative approach will enhance the effectiveness of investigations and contribute to more robust and interconnected framework to achieve shared goals of AML/CFT regime.

Chairman FBR, Malik Amjad Zubair Tiwana, during his concluding remarks also emphasized the need for sustained collaboration between FBR and FMU for development of quality financial intelligence on tax evasion and its optimal utilization in investigations. The Chairman FBR congratulated FMU and DG, I&I-IR for arranging the event and desired for enhancement of this partnership.