Circulars and Notifications

Gezette Dated 31-DEC-2019 Including DNFBPs and ICMAP  
National Savings Schemes AML/CFT Rules 2019  
Gezette Dated 18-Nov-2019  
Centeral Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) Supervisory Board  
Notification-DG (I&I)-Inland Revenue as Investigating & Prosecuting Agency under AML Act, 2010  
Notification:Addition of Predicate Offences-Insider Trading & Market Manipulation  
Notification:Addition of Predicate Offences-Sales Tax Act, 1990 Federal Excise, Act, 2005
Notification: Addition of Predicate Offences
Notification: FMU status declared as Autonomous Body
Notification: CTR Threshold Update
Guidelines: Financial Institutions on Investment Incentive Scheme
Notifications: S.R.O. No. 2(KE)/2011-DG I&I (FBR) as Investigating & Prosecuting Agency & S.R.O. No. 3(KE)/2011-Additional List of Predicate Offences
Notification: SBP – Currency Declaration Form