Following are the functions of FMU in terms of AMLO – 2009

To receive Suspicious Transactions Reports and CTRs from financial institutions and such non-financial businesses and professions as may be necessary to accomplish the objects of this Ordinance

To analyse the Suspicious Transaction Reports and CTRs and in that respect the FMU may call for record and information from any agency or person in Pakistan (with the exception of income tax information) related to the transaction in question. All such agencies or persons shall be required to promptly provide the requested information

To disseminate, after having considered the reports and having reasonable grounds to suspect, the Suspicious Transaction Reports and any necessary information to the concerned investigating agencies.

To create and maintain a data base of all Suspicious Transaction Reports and CTRs, related information and such other materials as the Director General determines are relevant to the work of the FMU and in that respect, the FMU is authorised to establish necessary analytic software and computer equipment to effectively search the database, sort and retrieve information and perform real time linkages with databases of other agencies both in and outside Pakistan as may be required from time to time

To co-operate with financial intelligence units in other countries and to share and request information subject to reciprocal agreements entered in by the Federal Government.

To represent Pakistan at all international and regional organizations and groupings of financial intelligence units and other international groups and forums which address the offence of money laundering, financing of terrorism and other related matters

To submit to the National Executive Committee an annual report containing recommendations based upon necessary information and statistics regarding countermeasures which can be taken to combat money laundering and such reports shall provide an overall analysis and evaluation of the Suspicious Transaction Reports limited to details of the investigations and prosecutions that have been or are being conducted in relation to the offence of money laundering or financing of terrorism in Pakistan; and, in this behalf, to call for periodic reports from investigating and prosecuting agencies in such manner as specified by FMU;

To frame regulations in consultation with SBP and SECP for ensuring receipt of Suspicious Transaction Reports and CTRs, from the financial institutions and non-financial businesses and professions with the approval of the National Executive Committee

To recommend to the regulatory authorities of reporting entities to issue regulations as considered necessary in the context of combating money laundering and financing of terrorism in the areas of customer due diligence and ancillary record keeping

To engage a financial institution or an intermediary or such other non-financial businesses and professions or any of its officers as may be necessary for facilitating implementation of the provisions of this Ordinance, the rules or regulations made hereunder;

To perform all such functions and exercise all such powers as are necessary for, or ancillary to, the attainment of the objects of this Ordinance