Keeping in view the international best practices, FMU have decided to share regular updates with all our Reporting Institutions and stakeholders in the form of “Newsletters”. The objective would be to ensure that all the stakeholders including reporting entities are updated on initiatives being undertaken both at domestic and international levels towards development of AML/CFT standards. In the newsletters, FMU will share updates on latest guidance from international reputable resources such as FATF, Egmont Group and reputable news agencies related to Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing and Proliferation Financing. We would also encourage our stakeholders to contribute towards this initiative.


Newsletter Issue # 5

January to June 2021

Newsletter Issue # 4

July to December 2020

Newsletter Issue # 3

April to June 2020

Newsletter Issue # 2

January to March 2020

Newsletter Issue # 1

October to December 2019