Navigating the Future of AML: Sustainable Solutions for Financial Integrity

We are delighted to announce the success of the “Navigating the Future of AML: Sustainable Solutions for Financial Integrity” conference, organized by FMU in collaboration with UNODC. Representatives from key stake holders FMU, SBP, SECP, NACTA, and AML/CFT Authority, offered invaluable insights on recent developments and sustainable solutions for financial integrity.

We were honored to have Dr. Shamshad Akhtar as our Chief Guest, alongside Mr. Jeremy Milsom from UNODC Pakistan and Ms. Lubna Farooq Malik Director General FMU, who shared their profound thoughts on the topic and emphasized the importance of innovative approaches to maintaining financial integrity in a rapidly evolving landscape.

The event attracted 160 professionals from various sectors of the financial industry, all of whom gave excellent feedback about the conference. The success of the session is owed to the dedicated efforts of Ms. Sumera Baloch and her team, along with the unwavering support of the UNODC. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this event a remarkable success!