To be an effective and highly regarded Financial Intelligence Unit in the domestic, regional and international fight against..
Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing conforming to the highest international standards, ethics and professional conduct.


To effectively augment and enhance efforts of domestic law enforcement agencies, regulators and other...
stakeholders in detection and prevention of threats emanating from Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing activities and providing the essential interface with such efforts elsewhere within the entrusted legal mandate in an efficient, substantive and effective manner.


To build a highly trained, efficient, professional & dedicated core personnel base. To develop a strong reporting culture..
locally among financial institutions and designated businesses and professions. To make a distinctive contribution to the domestic and international fight against money Laundering and terrorist financing.

Strategic Analysis

Virtual Currency

The individuals were involved in virtual currency (Bitcoin) business which is considered high risk in terms of anonymity..

Money Laundering

The focus of the study was to analyze the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing associated with the business of travel agents..

Branchless Banking

Multiple suspicious transaction reports have been reported to FMU on Branchless Banking Retail agents. The details show that they are ..